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Curly Lashes Ana María Eyeliner

$ 32.500
Waterproof eyelashes. Its formula contains natural ingredients such as Vegetable Waxes and Argan Oil that help moisturize and protect the eyelashes. Its silicone brush allows to apply layers and layers without hardening or caking.

Ana Maria Ultra Magnify Mask

$ 26.600
Provides more length and volume, contains Rice and Panthenol that deeply moisturizes the lashes, providing a soft and healthy look. Long-lasting protection thanks to a combination of ingredients ensures that your eyelashes are protected all day long from external damage. Say goodbye to touch-ups! Its long-lasting formula gives you an ultra-magnificent look all day long.

Ana Maria Extra Black Care Mask

$ 26.000
Moisturizes and repairs your lashes, contains Shea Butter to help maintain lash strength and Acacia to provide volume and hydration. You'll get fuller, clump-free lashes no matter how many coats you apply.