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64 Years

Natural Expression for your skin

Our Founder, Ana María García

In 1959, the concept of natural cosmetics in Colombia took a 180-degree turn when Ana Maria Garcia, our founder, incorporated natural active ingredients in her cosmetic and facial care products with the mission of responding to the skin care needs of the time. And to this day, his legacy lives on.

Ana Maria Garcia, was a visionary woman, who was determined to offer her clients rigorous advice on skin care and the creation of products with active ingredients, becoming distinguished by hundreds of people who came to her office in the Colombian capital.

Our Evolution

Our history is a testimony of unwavering commitment, we work tirelessly to contribute to the growth of our employees, customers and society in general. Since our inception, we have strived to offer the highest quality products, infusing innovation and passion into every formula. More than a brand, we are a symbol of trust, reflecting the vibrant and authentic spirit of natural expression in every product we create. Thank you for joining us on this journey and for trusting in our work.


We are a Colombian company inspired by highlighting care and beauty as the essence of the human being, through research, manufacturing and marketing of facial and body care and makeup products. Our premise is to take advantage of the multiple cosmetic properties offered by nature, developing innovative and quality products to respond to the diversity of beauty and the needs of our customers. We are a qualified team that works with passion in the realization of our purposes, bringing wellbeing to many people. We are committed to work with social responsibility and environmental awareness.


To be a Colombian company recognized for its ability to innovate as the best option in facial care, body care and makeup products, based on natural components. Support the facial care line with the required studies to position it as an easily accessible dermo-cosmetic alternative for all consumers. To be a preferred company to work for that inspires people to create and play an important part in our development.


Aware of the needs of our environment, we are committed to programs that make a difference in our society.

International program that helps women with cancer to recover their self-esteem through facial care and make-up workshops during their treatment.


Like you, at ANA MARÍA we believe in the power of and respect for nature.

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