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Makeup in 2024: 5 trends you need to know about

The beauty world is constantly changing, this is no secret! At Ana Maria we want you to be the first to know the 5 makeup trends for 2024 that you can't miss. From blue shades to colorful moisturizing lipsticks, give them a try and let us know how you get on!

Start the year with attitude, self-love and the best makeup trends. Feel authentic and divine every day, because you deserve it!

Discover what's coming to enhance your natural beauty!

5 makeup trends in 2024

This year "Make up no make up" continues to be a trend, highlighting natural beauty. It's the perfect time to show off those Latin skins that define us, giving them all the love to shine with a young and authentic look.

But that's not all, the colors that caused a sensation at top fashion events, such as the New York fashion shows or the latest Dolce&Gabbana collection, clearly indicate that colorful shades and graphic eyeliners are a must. Don't hesitate to try them!

Remember that you can achieve all these wonderful looks with the quality and creativity that our blushes, shadows, lipsticks and eyeliners offer...

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Trend 1: Latte make up

  • Do you want tanned skin? This is your trend! Also known as "café au lait makeup", it is characterized by beige, brown, white and vanilla tones.

    The special thing about this makeup is that all the products are creamy, achieving a natural skin effect, as if you were not wearing anything at all. It's like a magic touch to highlight your natural beauty in a subtle and authentic way.

    "It's very achievable and easy to do; there are no limits," says makeup artist Katie Mellinger. "Plus, it works on any skin tone. Of course, you have to adjust the shades you're using," she adds.

    Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner have made this 2024 makeup trend dominate TikTok. You'll look like a modern sun-kissed goddess! Ideal for warm days.

Trend 2: Burgundy lips

Full color lips are back! Although in 2023 we were all obsessed with voluminous lips, makeup in 2024 brings a new trend that highlights and enhances the natural beauty of your lips. Get a more defined look, but this time with bold, vibrant shades that will make you shine!

Get ready to fall in love with burgundy, your best style accomplice! This deep, elegant shade will provide a timeless look that suits all skin tones, making it a versatile choice for both everyday and special occasions. It adds depth and sophistication.

Don't forget to choose a moisturizing lipstick with natural ingredients or hyaluronic acid, which you can find at Ana Maria. Not only do these products give you richly colored lips, but they also contribute to a feeling of fullness, creating the appearance of healthy, plump lips. It's the perfect touch to look radiant!

Trend 3: Aquamarine makeup look

Pinterest has confirmed it: aquamarine makeup is back and bolder than ever! The platform just revealed its forecasts for makeup trends in 2024, and we know Pinterest is rarely wrong.

Searches such as "aquamarine makeup look" and "light blue graduation makeup" have increased by as much as 100% and 70%, respectively. Generation Z and millennials are leading this vintage-inspired trend, fueled by their ongoing fascination with the aesthetics of the past.

These blue tones, in particular, take us back to the vibrant 1960s. Get ready to join this wave of style and color!

Trend 4: Wispy Lashes

Want to achieve natural lashes, but with that glamorous touch? Then Wispy Lashes are perfect for you! Whether you prefer falsies or lean toward mascaras, fluffy lashes are here to stay.

"Big, thick lashes are 2023. They can be too heavy for the eyelids, which makes them extremely uncomfortable and can alter the natural shape of your eyes," shares La'Pearl. In the makeup of 2024, lashes will be more subtle, with a fine and delicate look, highlighting the natural beauty of your eyes and your Latina skin. It's time to let your eyes shine authentically!

And you, have you tried our latest launches? Ultra Magnify eyeliner for more length, volume and a gorgeous waterproof look. And if you are looking for a washable mascara that hydrates and repairs your lashes, Extra Black Care will be your best ally.

Trend 5: Party girl

The 'Clean Girl Aesthetic' had us obsessed with minimalism in makeup. But, according to David Birdwell, makeup artist, a major shift towards more color, shine and abstract styles is coming next year. "With the return of partying and a strong emphasis on self-expression, 2024 is all about the 'party girl aesthetic,'" she says.

Get ready to see looks with graphic eyeliners, fun lip colors, glossy, multi-chromatic finishes, and creamy textures for luminous skin." It's time to unleash that sassy party side of your real woman!

Overflow with natural beauty, self-love and creativity with 2024 makeup trends and favorites from Ana Maria Cosmetics. Take advantage of this new year, because life is unique!