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Beauty trends 2024: care for and highlight your natural beauty

After the pandemic, we left behind layers of makeup to focus entirely on skin care. This year, we want your skin to be the star, and at Ana Maria Cosmetics, we are excited to share with you the beauty trends 2024. But we not only present them to you, we also explain why you should try them.

Discover what's coming to enhance your natural beauty!

Beauty trends 2024: for all ages

In the new year, the beauty routines that stand out are short, personalized and use natural ingredients. The best thing is that they are ideal for both young and mature skin! And since natural beauty goes beyond vanity, this is the perfect time to immerse yourself in wellness and self-care.

Show the real woman you are, be your best version!

Personalized skin care

  • Among the 2024 beauty trends, personalization in skin care stands out. The key here is to thoroughly know your skin type, understand its specific needs and educate yourself on which products are most suitable, what is the right amount and how to apply them correctly.

    Today, thanks to advanced diagnostic tools and artificial intelligence analysis, it is easier than ever to know in detail what you really need. This is the perfect time to bring out the natural beauty of Latin skins and make them glow like never before!

  • Why try this trend?

    Taking personalized care of your skin goes beyond simply choosing the right products; it means understanding your skin on a deeper level. Dermatologists suggest adjusting your care routine regularly, at least every 3 months. The frequency of these adjustments varies according to your skin type.

Clean Beauty: natural ingredients

The "Healthy Beauty" boom is underway, and more and more cosmetic brands are offering products that allow women to take care of their health while protecting the planet.

That's what we do at Ana Maria Cosmetics! We offer products with natural ingredients, we are vegan and do not test on animals, and we are dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin. Because taking care of yourself and the world around you has never been easier.

  • Why try this trend?

On a daily basis, women are confronted with some 126 chemicals, from food, cosmetics, pollution and more. It is not surprising that among the beauty trends 2024 we seek to take advantage of the benefits that nature gives us, instead of opting for products full of chemicals that, in the end, can be harmful to our health.

Anti-wrinkle care

More and more women in their 20s and 30s are opting for anti-aging products as a preventive measure against the first signs of aging. According to Dr. Núria Escoda, an expert in aesthetic medicine and nutrition, around the age of 25 the body begins to experience signs of aging.

Expression lines are part of the process of being real women! There are natural changes in our body over time that we cannot avoid. However, we can embrace self-love and enjoy our natural beauty while taking care of our skin. Face tapping is a beauty trend 2024 that you can try to prevent wrinkles, of course without neglecting the products that have active ingredients indicated to firm, restore elasticity and shine.

  • Why try this trend?

It is true that we cannot stop the aging process or change certain factors such as genetics, which plays a fundamental role in the appearance of wrinkles. The truth is that taking preventive measures in time can help minimize and delay the signs of aging.

The key is the use of moisturizers and sunscreens. They are essential to take care of our Latin skin and keep it radiant!

Kit Piel Renovada Ana María

Cosmetic shakes

The 'smoothie beauty' trend consists of combining tonics, serums, creams and even oils in a single application to enhance their effect and obtain better results. Those who are short on time will think: great, an all-in-one routine! And they are right.

  • Why try this trend?

This option is ideal for those who have a fast pace of life and do not have much time; but also for all of us who want to create our own formulas with our favorite ingredients. It is important to note that there are specific formulations that are suitable for blending, thus supporting this trend.

Ready to discover what the future holds for skin care? With our products, give your Latina skin the care it deserves. Dare to try the 2024 beauty trends and share with us which one best suits your routine. Let's explore the path to radiant skin!